The Wharfedale Festival of Theatre exists to promote, celebrate and encourage good amateur theatre in the area, and is a friendly festival with a unique "community" feel, open to amateur dramatic and operatic societies and youth and schools groups.

Sections and Awards

There are five sections:

  • Musicals (Adults)
  • Pantomimes (Adults)
  • Drama (Adults)
  • Drama (Schools and Youth)
  • Musicals (Schools and Youth)

The Awards do vary from year to year but in general include:

Best Actress   Best Actress (Musicals)
Best Actor   Best Actor (Musicals)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role   Best Dame (Pantomimes)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role   Best Villain (Pantomimes)
Best Director   Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Overall Production   Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Stage Presentation   Best Musical Director
Best Comedy Performance   Best Stage Presentation
Best Programme Design   Best Overall Production
Ambience Front of House   Best Choreography
Outstanding Performance awards (Youth & Schools only)   Best Programme Design
Merit Awards (Youth & Schools only)   Ambience Front of House

The above awards will be complemented by other discretionary awards such as the Chairman's Special Awards, and may be varied from year to year to suit changed circumstances.