The Wharfedale Festival of Theatre exists to promote, celebrate and encourage good amateur theatre in the area, and is a friendly festival with a unique "community" feel, open to amateur dramatic and operatic societies and youth and schools groups.

Assessors and Marking

  1. Everyone who serves on the Assessors Panel is either experienced in the field of Amateur Theatre or is (or has been) involved in drama through education.
  2. The Assessors Panel is organised by Malcolm Pinder, who also chairs the Wharfedale Festival Committee.
  3. There are five competitions within the Festival. These are: Drama (Adults), Musicals (Adults), Pantomimes (Adults), Drama (Youth & Schools), and Musicals (Youth & Schools). The marking schemes used have been adapted from one designed by GODA and are as follows:
    (Adults and Youth)
    (Adults and Youth)
     Stage Presentation  15  15
     Production  35  35
     Acting  40  35
     Theatrical Attainment  10  10
     Choreography  -  25
     Musical Attainment  -  30
       100  150
  4. Please note that no-one aged 25 or over is eligible to compete in a production in either of the Schools & Youth categories.
  5. If your Society has paid for a written assessment, you should expect to receive it within one calendar month after the date of your production. If it has not been received by then please let the Festival Secretary know, so that the Chairman of the Panel can take any action needed to resolve the problem without further delay.  Its use and circulation within your society or group is your responsibility.
  6. The written assessment your Society receives represents the opinion of one member of the Assessors Panel of the quality of the performance seen. The content of the written assessment cannot therefore be taken to indicate whether your Society will receive any Awards as these are decided by the combined marks of all those marking the production.  It has no bearing on the Awards since the Assessor who prepares the written assessment does not mark the production.